Jesus, You are just the Best (an Easter Reflection)

I thank God for a celebration like Easter, the season directly makes you “care” about what Jesus actually did for us especially to those who have either forgotten or those who just didn’t have a clue.

Unlike in most celebrations, Easter brings a heartfelt reverence for the reason for the season – Jesus. It’s just thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus everywhere, and these words are not coming from people who do not know what they are saying, these are thinking, intellectual beings so they do know what they are saying and why. Only one that really knows all Jesus did can utter these words – Thank you Jesus, and today I hear it everywhere.

I try my best to take people off the impression that “faith in Jesus” is just another “circular thing” that some people like to engage themselves with and into knowing that “If they knew why we adore Him so much they’d feel like the silliest person on the planet”.

Now, I know there has been a bunch of misconceptions regarding the Christian faith; why Jesus came, If He really came, Is He really who they say He is, Why do some Christians honour His mother and some don’t, Why do some believe in the Holy Spirit and some don’t; We’ve got misconceptions spreading like common cold and they only exist to distract us from how “Just Perfect for us” Jesus really is. You wouldn’t do yourself any favours by concentrating on all these, you just miss out on all He came to do. Here’s a piece of it…

– Jesus is the answer

Whatever, Whoever, Whenever, Wherever – He is the answer.

The Easter celebration should really get to you. Wonder why so many people are elated about such a day as this, wonder why His resurrection is making headlines, wonder why we can’t take that grin away from our faces, wonder why we are so in love with Jesus, because just at that moment you’d begin to understand, you’d begin to look a little bit closer, you’d begin to remember (for those who let it slip their minds) that this Jesus took a stand for humanity. He paid the price. Yes! He did die and now He is Risen – Why? Because of us. He came to give us that long list of everything. Hang on, you’d soon be able utter, “Jesus you are just the Best!”

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