TRUTH vs man


It’s morning already; her tears are all dried up and so was her decision to leave. Of course, after counting the supposed many, many years she spent with him, Jess couldn’t just fathom how her world would look if she finally decided. She relentlessly got so used to Desolation. Oh My! And she carried him anywhere, everywhere. Blinded by what her mind called content, she effortlessly denied herself from life’s true gifts. The bruises, the Silence and even her unending desire to run couldn’t convince ‘her’ that it was okay to walk away without looking back and He, He was all that she wanted even though her heart had slammed the door in his face months ago.

Contented, she stayed.

With her mind obscured by those ungrateful blue eyes and her right to decide taken away by the words ‘I Love You’. Although, one couldn’t say that Jess was totally unable to find “right” in the world she had so accustomed herself to; perhaps, one could even say that the more reason why she stayed so long and found it hard to leave was because all she chose to see was right. Jess’s inability to deal with the truth was the torture she faced, with her mind being her only obstacle because in the world she got so acquainted to, Jess had created a mindset. However, Jess knew exactly what she was up against – The Truth.

Ever told a lie? Ever been told a lie? Believe me it’s way worse living in one. Certainly most of us have experienced either of the two and like Jess, the lies we’ve chosen to accept keep us in bondage; trapped away from reality that the only figment of truth we know are the writings on the prison walls, that tell us that we are just too weak, insecure, unlovable, came from apes, that God doesn’t exist or that He cannot exist.

Let’s be logical

Man’s inability to prove God doesn’t prove His non-existence; rather it only proves the obvious – You cannot prove God. His handiwork can clearly be seen everywhere. It’s either you believe or you don’t.

Despite several attempts creation cannot possibly find itself. It’s that simple so it tries to define itself sometimes with descriptions that are just way off the mark. Man is limited. We work with theories, ideas and perspectives that are limited. Don’t believe me? Go on; ask a man why he wouldn’t believe in the existence of a Supreme Being and he’ll tell you what he thinks. Exactly. This alone evinces no form of assurance especially when the actuality of His existence can be greatly perceived. 

We all have a created mindset, “a way of thinking” that defines us formed either consciously or unconsciously and like Jess all we choose see is nothing but truth. When these mindsets are rooted in they could serve as barriers to finding and embracing Truth, because every individual is ruled or controlled by one form of truth or the other – Their perspective of what is, what isn’t and what shouldn’t be.

For instance in the aspect of knowing our identity. One important thing that comes from knowing Truth is that it gives us knowledge of our true Identity  because from our perspective it is rather difficult to say that we could know exactly. Again, Man’s inability to attain a definite identity causes him to change repeatedly, thus making the ideas of individualism and self-identification a complete hoax.

Another way to look at this is – Who could one possibly be when the person you think you are constantly changes; in respect to bad experiences, one’s environment, bad relationships, or even childhood tragedies? Probably the Depressed You, the Defensive You, the Happy You, the Drunk You or even the Contented You. How many Yous or perspectives can one possibly develop?

Let’s approach this a little deeper

Man’s Evolution story. Tim Lahaye explained thoroughly in his book “Battle for the Mind“, about the place of the Wisdom of Man regarding our Existence. He noted that the theory of evolution although ancient catapulted into world prominence credits to Charles Darwin’s publication – The Origin of Sciences“Darwinism”. This theory swept through the Western world like wildfire.

Now, this theory is said to be the primary foundation upon which all secular education rests – according to Tim. However, this theory has not yet been proved right. Lahaye also explained that all scientists do not accept the theory of evolution, backing up this conclusion with a statement from Duncan’s book by a well-known Smithsonian Institute which states that,

“There is no evidence which would show man developing step by step  from lower forms of life. There is nothing to show that man was in any way connected with monkeys…. He appeared suddenly and in substantially the same form as he is today…. There are no such things as missing links…. So far as it concerns the major groups of animals, the creationists appear to have the best of the argument. There is not the slightest evidence that any one of the major groups arose from any other. Each is a special animal complex, related more or less closely to all the rest, and appearing therefore as a special and distinct creation”.

The humanist theory as seen has been decided to be filled with obscurity, so the existence of Man cannot still depend on something that’s uncertain.

Whether it’s in the aspect of knowing our true identity or the purpose of our existence, Man is still far too limited to establish an ideology that could be recognized as The Truth. Only God holds the instruction manual and purpose (The Truth) for mankind, regardless of the fact that it appears to be like we have been left desolate to care for ourselves in a world that literally derides our making.

We “creations” have gotten so accustomed to the world that we tend to forget that our Creator had an original plan, An Original Design, that when the question of Who are you are the whole idea of this design comes into our minds. There are just two sides to the coin. Only two significant sides – left or right, up or down, black or white, TRUTH or the Lie. Don’t be deceived, its either one or the other…

Where are you standing?


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One thought on “TRUTH vs man

  1. “Let’s be logical”

    Man’s inability to prove God doesn’t prove His non-existence; rather it only proves the obvious – You cannot prove God. His handiwork can clearly be seen everywhere. It’s either you believe or you don’t.”

    I really love this quote…I mean, ‘Science’ is one messed up philosophy – to think you can actually disprove the existence of God, the Creator of all things, is utter MADNESS and INSANITY. The bible says

    Colossians 1: 15-18

    15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: 17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. 18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

    This is the Truth and no other look-alike can outwit it. Science has contradicted itself over the years – as each scientist tries to prove his theory true above all BUT God and his word has remained true to the very end.

    This is a spectacular piece. Thank you so much.

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