Embracing CHAPTER

The Courage to Believe

“Embracing TRUTH”, as good as that sounds this whole process leaves me utterly overwhelmed every time I think about it. “The fear of the extraordinarily-amazing”.

I’m not saying that we all have this fear, there’s a good number of people who found TRUTH and immediately built their lives upon it. However, coming face to face with TRUTH also opens up to our awareness the many many lies that has regulated our lives and this can be very nerve-wracking. According to my records, I was Empty. Oh Gosh! What am I saying? I was incapable, insecure, too independent and in-a-deep-mess.

I always make reference to these past weaknesses because I had to find out (the hardest way possible) that my life in general is the way it is because of the pitiful notions I had about everything and that I would have had a totally different story if something more meaningful was put in place, something like the TRUTH. It’s also good to note that I also tried to work passed these deeply rooted lies, but that was just a waste of everybody’s time. You see “Wherever the mind goes, the man follows”. Joyce Meyer. 

This chapter of Who Told You So targets the processes involved in embracing TRUTH and in order to proceed further we need courage, I need courage. The courage to face the lies and still believe in spite of it. The sole difference between those who made something out of their lives and those who didn’t is just the approach they had towards every situation the faced. Now, there’s no point wallowing in self-pity, which alone the devil enjoys.

Facing the lies can be difficult and accepting the TRUTH can be overwhelming, that’s why courage is needed. Courage helps you stand firm knowing that the only way out in through. Believe me I don’t think that there’s something better than the “Extraordinarily-amazing” so why run away it.

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  1. Sometimes, the only reason why we do not embrace the truth is because we lack the courage; which you said.
    For others to, not because they lack the courage but because they are “just resistant” to change and have decided to be blinded by the lies of this world.
    But the point is,you can not get a different results if you keep up doing what you have been doing.
    Courage is key, patience is key and perseverance is also key in standing out for the Truth
    Nice piece dear.
    i did enjoy it

    1. You are so right. but you know The knowledge of Truth as the truth gives us every reason to not hold back. These lies are deeply rooted..

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