Stepping into the reality of things


I often relate the life of a man to a piece of paper, floating around directed by nothing but the wind.


Very few of us are awoken to the realities of life and like this piece of paper, we let our lives float away just to realize that it’s over and we find ourselves on a line leading to face to face chat with the One who is.

My aim’s not to scare you, just trying to pour a bucket of ice cold water on your already sleeping selves. The one who finally gets a hold of this paper (life) is  now driven by what he knows and can clearly see what he must do to get the most out of the life he’s been given.

 Yes, unimaginable things have happened to the some of us, things that alter our very perspective to life, it may perhaps even take us passed conscious thinking resulting to the “Drift Away”. I for one let my piece of paper mooch without really regarding the importance of my existence. The wounds of a defiled childhood opened up a certain kind of craving blurring out every other thing that seemed to matter, in addition to this, after the death of my earthly father I lost the only identity I had of myself.

I struggled with shame, low self-esteem and these insecurities only increased with age as I surrounded myself with fast changing trends and conceited relationships; I drifted away from reality into a place only I knew.

It was dark and lonely.

My definition of reality suddenly became an endless desire for acceptance so every other thing didn’t matter so much. I found Truth in the year 2013 so until then that piece of paper remained the property of the wind. I lived with the notion that I wasn’t just good enough. Imagine living under such a burden for a long time, about 19 years or so.

My existing had little or no conscious acts so I know what it means to drift away, worse drifting away believing a lie. Only TRUTH can free us from this madness we call living; setting a course that leads to knowing and fulfilling. Knowing God was the awakening, a tangible one indeed. 

These events have occurred and the alteration has been made however, we no longer should continue under such tyranny when Truth circulates itself without hindrance. I know we all have different ways we view this life, with God or without but can we beat our chests with confidence to ascertain that its truth. What proof do we have? And if we can, how far are we willing to take a hold of it? or rather are we more willing to accept mediocrity?

The absence of the knowledge of Truth as Truth is the one major cause of our empty lives and a barrier that has to fizzle away, for Truth stands as it is regardless of who accepts it or not and this my friend is the breaking point. 

So the ‘Truth’ of the matter is – God Exists.

This fact is the only information required to enable you to step into reality, Why? Because with the knowledge of the actuality of existence of God you stand in a place of assurance.

No if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s.

With God reality has its way of calling out to us and anyone who has had a real personal encounter with God would know that it is outright too difficult to just believe on the surface, for the soul has seen and tasted the glory of the Lord and yearns for nothing more than to be with and in His presence. 

Although various factors like obscurity, fear, pride or an old way of thinking push us to accept mediocrity either because we are just too stubborn or afraid to let our guards down. The most remarkable trait of the Christian message is its acknowledgement of something real, and with this alone a person steps into a realm where he is free from every form of uncertainty concerning his life and now he is able to be more responsible for the life that he has been given.

“Life only starts making sense to a believer the moment he realizes that something really happened.”

I perceive that a bunch of questions are running through your mind. Share your thoughts

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