So Careless

thinking out loud …..

Careless with this life of mine
So Careless

Careless when I let them see the weaker side of me
Careless when I let them build ugliest part of me
Careless when I let myself go, showing off nothing but incapability
Careless when I told myself God was just trying to control me,

Careless when I built a weakling not a champion
Careless when I told myself that away was my only option
Careless when I let myself think that the safest place in life was a place called Hidden
Careless when I let myself believe that below was who I should follow
Careless when I didn’t acquire all the skills and knowledge I needed to know

Careless when I did not let the love of God enclose me
Careless when I let myself embrace a crown of misery, one could really get used to self-pity

Careless when I let death rebuild my comfort zone, oh how I loved to remain behind their shadows
Careless when I showed them scars, I expected love…no pity, kinda hoped they’d understand
Careless when I mourned our friendship, bitter tears don’t pour out very often, holding on too tight has always been my flaw
Careless when I expected more, I expected so much more

Careless I was, careless I’ve been
Careless was the melody I loved just to sing

Great are the lies, but greater is the Truth. I’m sure if someone had told us a bit of this Truth earlier,  we wouldn’t have been so careless with ourselves; our heart, our minds or our bodies.

We’d build courage knowing that the truth is “God is with us and would never leave us nor forsake us”. (Joshua 1:5)

We’d stay ecstatic knowing that the truth is “the joy of the Lord is our strength”. (Nehemiah 8:10)

We’d stay bold knowing that the truth is “God has not given us a Spirit of Fear”. (2 Timothy 1:7)

We’d stay hopeful knowing that God the truth is “God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory” (Philippians 4:19). We’d stay happy, secure, focused, undefiled, certain; with no pressure from life whatsoever and not having to go through life with such scarred identities. If only I was shown a glimpse of eternity I wouldn’t have been so careless. Careless deeds, Careless thoughts, Careless words, Careless ideologies… reminiscing on the path I once embraced, letting go is a battle with Truth as it’s reward.

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