Pits of Uncertainty

Moving through the city of Lagos is surely not the best way I’d like to spend my day, however one could learn a thing or two. Now, Lagos falls under one of the top largest capital city in Africa (by area and population) right beside the city of Cairo (Egypt) and compared to every other state in this indigenous nation, Lagos is highly populated.

Now I’m sure you are wondering why I decided to analyze this.

It was the lady who got me thinking. The “paper-envelope-water” selling…. I don’t know, couldn’t really point out what exactly she sold to make a living and that was the moving thought. I began to analyze her day, how much she could probably earn a day and if that’s not so much, why does she even bother.

Even worse, the cubicle where she sold her goods was kept inside; blocked by other traders and hidden away from every possible buyer.

It was noon at about some minutes after three and I was almost certain she hadn’t sold anything the whole day. I wondered greatly how she’d feel going home to the family with no profit or loss, knowing that the next day would probably be the same. What a life, to think that there’s more people in this state and possibly all over the world who have no direction, no purpose, no hope, no form of assurance who have to experience this everyday.

If only she was able to determine the steps to take or maybe the One to trust.

I don’t know why but one of my greatest fears used to be not knowing for sure. It’s an inability that drives me out of myself, to exist without hope or any form of assurance. There’s a lot of hurt attached to one’s inability to know for sure – Uncertainty drives a man to his weakest state as he struggles to get the answer for every situation he faces.

It pushes him to worry, to doubt because he lacks the knowledge of  the potential outcome; the path of He who’s uncertain never gets brighter nor bigger nor better, enclosed in the chambers of his mind all he sees is negativity and inabilities unable to face the situations that stir at him right in the face.

We’ll never really be able to have all the answers, however I’m privileged to know Someone who does, and it’s amazing. Take it from me, there’s nothing more satisfying than absolute certainty – To know, and To know that you know and To know that what you know annuls every other form of knowledge. Being able to see things from just one perspective is certainly God’s plan for all His children. It liberates us from the fear of not being able to come to a final conclusion.

It’s safer and less devastating to trust in the one who knows. Life only gets bigger, brighter and so much better.


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