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Opening the Doors

"The secret in just having faith"

What’s the greatest lie you’ve ever been told? Yes! I literally need you to give yourself an answer. Begin to recognize every negative, self-diminishing thought that has ever controlled or regulated your life, because you are soon going to learn how much of puppet you have been for the past months or even years. Any Yet? Ever thought of yourself as unlovable, dumb, an object of ridicule, unlucky, and I can go on and on.

Understand now that every negative thought you’ve ever thought about yourself only existed for that purpose – to create a long history of Negativity. To make you see yourself as that and become that. With a series of events occurring, series of thoughts are created and conclusions are made. These thoughts then create our actions and disposition towards ourselves and environment.

Ever noticed how the broken and torn apart usually have stories about a really bad childhood, from the start of their lives they were conjured to think about themselves in that low unsolicited manner. To cause that individual to begin to create a false identity, a false notion, a false interpretation of everything – strongholds. If the devil can make you think it, over and over again he soon would be able to convince you and my dear you would be convinced.

You see when God says things like the “righteous shall live by faith” and “man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the father”, those words really does mean all that it says. In these present times, our approach to having faith and believing God has more relevance when we want to get something done or get a prayer answered. We tend to have calculated reasons for going to God or His word. Not knowing that if the devil can stop you from thinking or knowing the word, he can hinder your victory. If he can get you to think whatever he wants, he can cause it to happen. Our minds as Joyce Meyer puts it is in fact a Battlefield, and that’s where we have to win the battle of our lives.

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”
― Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind

The past months have been very significant for me, as I began to really understand the secret to just having faith (thinking, doing, believing the word of God), with no logical means possible. Don’t have to feel it to believe it. See how this works – “As a man thinketh so he is”. Then again “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.  Oh the nonsense of what my mind has taken in. I started to believe that I had a problem. For me it was easy to think and believe the worst of myself (being harmed as a child,). With all that happened my mind suddenly got used to the problem that it accepted it as Truth. The effect of a depraved mind is utterly devastating.

Faith in God is basically believing the Truth and that’s the devils target. He creates distractions, painful occurrences, lies – all to detour our focus from our basic necessity, The word of God.

It’s almost compulsory to get God’s word into our minds and lives. To Think it, talk it, live it, become it. Opening all the doors to the life that Jesus died for you to have.

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