On God's Table

I know the topic of God puts off some of us. When Papa name’s mentioned I see a lot of folks (even believers) act out with so much reluctance, not to talk of the rest who have not really been given a chance to experience such goodness and grace. So here’s our chance. Although It could be tougher on those who have never had the best moments to live for, to envision such beauty is like taking a trip down “silly lane”. Impossible characterizes the things we hear and see relating to God. I get that, but He sees you. God sees you and calls you for the best life has to offer, literally! The simplest way to describe this is to lay it out just the way I see it.


Let’s go

Finally the day is here and the banquet is set for all humanity. A table has been prepared for those called by God and He’s message is “Come and eat”.

So, what’s on the menu?.

Undefinable Joy

This here is one of the most debated course on the menu (with the presence of trials, earthquakes, tornadoes, poverty etc), although it’s also the first that should be clearly understood. Thinking about all that God has given us in Christ Jesus is enough to set us ablaze with joy, and that’s the attitude Papa wants us constantly to have. It’s undefinable nature is linked with our inability to make sense of it. This Joy is our strength. Making us happy is God’s way of showing us that He really cares, that in the midst of it all, we still have reasons to rejoice. One can expect a joy so deep that it penetrates and disciplines our mind and emotions so that regardless of what is seen or heard, we are still here rejoicing. It’s remarkable to know that God’s here to literally give us undefinable joy. Delicious or what?

True Love

Unconditional to be exact. Our hearts cannot just quantify let alone agree with this, because it has been deprived of the chance to know what it really means to be loved. The very word itself depicts distrust, pain, heartbreak and uttermost desolation. However one fact still remains – that God did send His Son to die for us, why? Because He loves us, no no no He so loves the world and until we finally embrace it, we cannot fully stand. It is on the menu so we’re in luck.

Purpose and Meaning

Struggling with obscurity? Well we sure have something for you here. Now I must say – Man’s inability to find himself gives him every reason to want to define himself, attach to himself some form of ideology. Don’t be too alert, the one who tramples on our potentiality and meddles with our gifts has been given strict instructions to vacate the premises. As vital as this is, not everyone has reckoned the benefits of knowing on what they were created for. The knowledge of this could help us set a target for our lives, live without having to worry about the whats and what nots, and most importantly we wouldn’t have to go on this merry go round journey. God offers us an opportunity to live this life with a focus and assurance of fulfillment. 

The Trial Course

Probably the spiciest dish. The part about life that keeps us asking why? – Why did mum die? Why did the police come and take dad away? If I have God, then why do all these bad things keep happening? Now it wouldn’t do anyone any favours to say that bad things would totally be eliminated from our lives journey. It would even be more beneficial to say that they would be in our lives. Our faith in Him is way more important than anything else in our lives, so He gives us chances to solidify our trust in Him. Remember, God is for us.

That PERFECT Peace

Getting a taste of this might seem quite impossible, but God assures us of  this. His kindness penetrates deep into our souls that the only result we get is Perfect peace. Just like joy, it is independent of whatever we are facing. It is a choice we have to make to be at peace. 

God always finds a way to trap us in His sufficiency. What’s next on the menu…

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  1. Impressive dear.
    i especially loved the undeniable joy part.
    really cant wait for whats next on the menu lol
    God increase you more and more

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