Embracing CHAPTER

“Not Just words”

Believing in strength or in weakness

Supposing you were told that you had the ability to move mountains, how would you respond? Supposing you were told that power and greatness are all in you, how then would you respond? Our answers to these questions summarize the direct approach we have towards TRUTH.

It is utterly hysterical to think that there’s actually a large number of people who know and hold the Truth. Why? Because the response towards it totally crosses out its value. We find ourselves running passed it over and over again, either because we are so used to feeling or having some form of proof before we believe or maybe because we are still uncertain. Going to church and seeing the way other believers worship and honour God keeps me asking the same thing – Do this people know the gravity of what they are doing? Have they eliminated from their subconscious mind the “Probability” of their faith and strengthened the “Actuality” of it. From the way we act sometimes it’s rather too difficult for any non-believer to know that we are the ones holding the Truth.

Our response to the word of God really matters. I for one didn’t know that, well until now. The Lord brought to my consciousness the difference between believing in strength and in weakness.

Firstly, there’s no point questioning what you know is true. All you do from getting to know that something is True is responding to it with boldness; in strength and not weakness. Not an ounce of doubt in sight.

It’s kind of too overwhelming to take this all in, I know one of the most exciting part of my walk with God was when I became aware of the fact that all that was happening to me was not just a figment of my imagination. Knowing that you have found the Truth only makes you want to drop every other thing and run towards that direction. You don’t respond to such with less concern but as someone with the knowledge of the existence of a super power.

Responding to the Truth (God’s word) in weakness has so much to do with our place of Uncertainty and our inability to prove anything before diving in. However, these are “not just words” but The Truth, and our disposition towards it should be different. Strength depicts Confidence while weakness depicts uncertainty. This Confidence, I must say is largely missing in the midst of believers but then again we are the ones who hold the Truth, so it has really become of a major necessity. Our approach towards the word of God should begin to change. The material we have been given is the source of everything that our lives are about and would ever be about.

The most exciting Chapter of Who Told You So just started…. After all the tossing and turning we’ve finally come to this – THE EMBRACING CHAPTER. We are embracing Truth, and on this journey God wants you and I to come along with Confidence; for it is the missing ingredient in our faith walk. Our approach now matters a lot – to stand in Faith in Boldness or in Weakness. Of which do you think God responds to?

So I’d ask again…… Supposing you were told that you had the ability to move mountains, how would you respond?

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