Loving the Unseen

My Jesus, My Saviour, Lord there is none like You”.

I shiver at the mention of these words.

It would probably take days to comprehend what Darlene Zschech understood so much to have to go as far as calling this Unseen One “My” that inspired her song Shout to the Lord. God is someone we most times perceive to be impersonal, out of reach or just not there. His invisible nature triggers a need within our thirsty souls to doubt or lose focus; unable to fully comprehend the existence of someone so ‘everything I’ve ever longed for’.

I’ve had my fair share of a broken heart, and actually that’s what the world does to a person, it alters their very perception of love and life and makes it so difficult to utter these very words My Jesus, forgetting the actuality of His kind of love.

“All of my days I want to praise The wonders of Your mighty love”

Do you know how much? Nothing in this world can help you quantify, because it’s just too big, too long, too wide and way too deep. It penetrates into our deepest wounds making us stronger and untouchable. If you haven’t gotten a clue yet, I’m talking about the Love of God.

Every great thing God has done for me, for us stems from His everlasting love and to come to know who God really is, is coming to know the very essence of living; coming to know how impossible we are without Him and His great love for us. His love is a magnet that attracts every good thing to our lives and to think, that I was never going to be able to get to this place without His love. Thank God for God, I’ll say. 

“I sing for joy at the work of your hands”.

I remember a time in my life when I was unable to find where to stand, but now I wonder in anticipation of God’s recreation, His identification. There is something definite indeed that transpired; an awakening of a depraved soul to the realities of life. I sometimes lose focus; the impact of a sinful nature unwilling to surrender its throne. I would sing for joy for Truth is bringing TRUTH into my life.

“Forever I’ll love you, Forever I’ll stand”.

It’s easy to disprove or run away from what you cannot see or understand, however a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and the journey towards TRUTH requires that leap of faith, focusing on the reality of what is hoped for and holding on to the evidence of what you cannot see.

“Nothing compares to the promise that I have in you”.

Papa was always the one to give gifts, to ensure that we had no excuse for a ridiculed life, however there’s nothing that my earthly father could ever do to outwit the blessings and promises of God; the assurance of hope, peace and joy are some gifts that are even beyond his capability.

A relationship with such majesty is enough to take me on a journey with little or no care for the treasures of the world. To know that He who created all calls for me, That’s enough. Enough indeed. 

Love isn’t something you get everywhere, one could hardly experience it. No no no, I’m talking pure love not the kind you see in the movies. The kind that sees, considers, sacrifices and do you know what’s even harder than giving that kind of love – Receiving it. The wounds of our history constantly remind us of how cautious we ought to be when dealing with matters of the heart. 

Our idea of love’s embrace has become rather too scarred that we are unable to comprehend what real love could look or feel like especially when it’s coming from the One who can’t be seen with the physical eyes. 

Understanding the person of God as all loving and unseen are two points necessary to embrace despite all that we have ever known, one should not dismiss likely the reality of the nature of His being. Yes He is unseen but He is here, now and always.

Darlene Zschech must have understood what it really meant to trust in the unseen nature of God. The heart of the singer-songwriter cries out to her Maker with words only her soul can understand

My Jesus, my Saviour

Lord there is none like You

All of my days I want to praise

The wonders of Your mighty love

My comfort, my shelter

Tower of refuge and strength

Let every breath, all that I am

Never cease to worship You

Shout to the Lord all the Earth, let us sing

Power and majesty, praise to the King

Mountains bow down and the seas will roar

At the sound of Your name

I sing for joy at the work of Your hand

Forever I’ll love You, forever I’ll stand

Nothing compares to the promise I have

In You

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