Embracing CHAPTER

Learning to be loved

      If I was to write up a list of my most prominent personalities, I’ll probably come up with – I am a Perfectionist, can’t stand being unproductive and I can be a little too organized – just plain obsessed with doing something. These are positive ones you may say, but it’s only the one who wears the shoes that can really say where it hurts. Walking into a room just to find the pillows on the floor, clothes hanging out the dresser, folds on the sheets – this scenario drives me completely nuts, its that kind of thing that can get to you especially when you suddenly find your hands picking up the pillows, folding all the clothes; without even consciously deciding to do so. This is just an obsessive desire to do, to do something, be productive.

However, God has a good way of stopping us in our tracks, helping us to realize what really matters. This is His way of letting us know that we have an awesome Dad who’s willing to drown us in love & sweep us off our feet with His favour without even thinking twice. I have been a believer for some time now but this right here – God’s Love – is what I can say I haven’t really accepted, and I believe some of us haven’t as well. Yes we sing the song – “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” we are still yet to receive this love, to breathe in its nutrients of joy, peace, prosperity, favour, grace etc.

One can really get carried away with all the doing and accomplishing  forgetting that the true essence of salvation is our adoption to sonship, to live as kings and queens, Conquerors, Jewels of our Creator and this is not just true, it’s inevitable. How? I for one now understand that the devil targets our minds especially at the early stages of our lives, causing us to build misconceptions about certain things like love and harbor such bitterness and self-competence mindsets that we either reject or do not consider God’s love or love of any kind. I believe our assurance of His love places a crown on our heads – we are no longer doing things to gain favour, we are now favoured by birth. One of the hardest truths for me to embrace was knowing that God wanted my happiness. He didn’t want me to stay downcast, self-pitied all my life – He wanted Joy, and strength and peace.

All that’s required now is that true acceptance despite all the strongholds, so that this love may saturate our heart and soul, maybe then we’d learn to just enjoy God and not get so caught up in the doing, but rather in receiving all He has already done.

God Loves You.

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