"Negative Effects of bothering about what others think"


Finally, it’s open. Enthusiastic about the whole situation I rushed in, going from floor to floor, door to door searching for the one that had my name on it. Door 16 – Charity, Door 24 – Peter, Door 192 – Phillip. It was almost like I was missing; a few floors more, Up! Up! Can’t give up now. That’s me, Door 288 – Cynthia Udeka finally, found it. Started to think that I’d have to go even higher before I found a door that had my name on it.

What? Missing?

Hidden from reality. I looked around for me in a room that supposedly belonged to Me. The room was filled with “Other” people’s ideas, criticism, dreams, likes and dislikes. Oh my, in the life I called my own, the only thing missing was one who owned it.

The worst place to find yourself is Hidden, right beside “Wandering”. The world we live in gives us reasons to want to become what we see and who we see. Ideas of perfection lead us to becoming nobody because we are too busy trying to be everybody. You see I literally couldn’t find myself. The portrait of my life looked more like everybody’s face rather than mine – because I just cared so much about what others thought. If I was to walk along the road, the thoughts in my head would say “walk this way or someone you know might just be looking” and then I take orchestrated steps of flyness. From my life I have come to recognize the tragedy attached to doing this, so with words i’ll try to speak straight to your heart on the negative effects of bothering about what others think.

Negative Effect #1

Overly bothering yourself about what others say or think Stops you from being you, making it totally impossible for you to realize, let alone agree with the beauty that you possess. When everyone’s talent or beauty is what you desire, you’d shy away from ever knowing yourself. You’ll hide, ashamed of something that has already been declared good plus you’d become really insecure, waiting for the moment you “walk into your room, shut the door and breathe”.

Just as birds were created with wings, some don’t fly and that doesn’t make them less important. They just don’t fly – that’s what makes them beautiful. They possibly can’t because they were not created to. Potentials differ, and you may not know this or even want to come to terms with it but when you constantly keep looking out the window to determine who you really are the essence of you would be stolen, broken. You lose you trying to become everybody else. And after spending 5, 10 years bothering soon you’d find out that you’ve become no one in the process.

Negative Effect #2

We all face an identity crisis and that’s the major reason why we let the devil rob us of our true identity. Think of it like this – You are bright star so your reflection would be so distinct that anyone would want to turn you off. God has deposited something so significant in all of us (this might sound cliché) but it’s one truth that you just have believe. When God was creating you and I He put one thing that we often don’t like to embrace – Difference. And it’s this difference that makes us shine.

embrace this – what makes you different makes you Beautiful

For years I stayed hidden until my salvation. Knowing Jesus brought me into light and the more I knew Him the brighter I became (God brings us back to our real identity). The devil knows how bright you are and these lies are the contraptions he uses to try to shut you down (your star may just blind him). He gives us lies of homosexuality, fornication, debauchery, and other false beliefs and insecurities.

Most importantly, you don’t have to feel beautiful to be beautiful. You don’t have to feel positive to be positive. Neither do you have to feel, see or even touch it to know that you are wonderfully and fearfully made. We are made with gifts that can shake the world – whether it be a big heart or a beautiful voice. The effect of others can be very detrimental to our lives, very!! Don’t allow the world to continue to rob the you out of you. Be excited, get to know and love yourself.

“Man cannot find himself, so he tries to define himself but we are found – Heirs of the Most High God”.

God loves you and your identity is found in Him. Jesus is the truth and only Him can set you free. Receive the Lord today.


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