God is raising gods not Men

One of the toughest decisions I had to make was getting myself to love someone who drove me completely nuts. I just didn’t see the reason to, she made me so mad doing all the wrong things every time. I tried to do the less aggravating thing possible but every single time I made an attempt that will to get even always took the upper hand. Does God really know what He’s asked us to do? Despite all the false accusations, overbearing personalities; I’m I just supposed to love? Or be patient or kind, not easily angered or quick to judge. Obviously the answer to that question is yes.

Do you know that there’s a certain kind of life God expects us to portray? The person we were before the new birth certainly shouldn’t be the one we end up with. With every trial I’ve faced, I have come to understand God’s view in all this; not your usual ‘5 ways to get out of a  big mess’ instruction manual you see God is constantly trying to make us better, stronger and more equipped for the task assigned to our existence. The love of Christ that we hold on to first takes us just as we are, then dismantles, remolds and exalts. Every trial or persecution could possibly be God’s way of showing us a part of our lives that we either need to take away, strengthen or develop because He goes on to assure us that “all things are working together for our good” (Romans 8:28). “But I’m human, you don’t expect me to just act like I’m alright”, Sound familiar? Well, God wants you and me to, however this time He wants us to be fully persuaded that we are indeed alright. I’ve heard countless times from fellow believers, in fact I stand guilty of the same thought pattern – to always expect God to pity us.

“God you can see all that I’m passing through”.

“How do you expect me to believe, you go ahead and believe for me”.

“I’ve begged God for an intervention in my life”.

“Lord, have mercy!”

“I just have to say how I feel”.

And the list goes on and on, with the same tainted mindset that God should always respond to a beggarly attitude. Papa responds to faith, you gotta dare yourself to believe in something. It’s not enough to believe in God, we have to learn to take Him by His word. The devil certainly doesn’t want you to know this, your trials certainly doesn’t want you to know this, that old un-renewed uncrucified part of us literally wars against it, because this is that ‘super’ power given to humanity – to no longer exist as mere humans but as heirs, sons and daughters of the Most High God and the gift of the Holy Spirit further assures this. To think that the fate of humanity rests on this one truth – God is raising gods not men.

Tune up to God’s frequency – the  Faith Frequency, and the training begins…


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3 thoughts on “God is raising gods not Men

  1. I suppose not many humans think this way; even Christians, yet it’s so simple. You have made it so clear how God see and how we too should. Wow, I am inspired and trained. Reinvigorated and determine to step up the higher vision of God.

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