Do you know the irony in people and faith? We always have expectations but never want to believe in its possibility. I get that, so let’s solve the illogical problem of doubt and our inability to trust God when we are so certain He is our only way out.

How limitless can life be? When you start to think about it, you’d realize that we are the ones who single-handedly layout these limitations. Just settle down and think about it, you’ll definitely understand what I mean. We all have needs and desires jumping all over the place, and what do we do with them – sit around, nose down sulking about how others’ lives are much more easier and better than ours. I’ll say this again, settle down and think about it – how limitless can life really be? The question alone brings out the importance of just believing. Believing is an act. Not something comes automatically. It’s something you do and realize that you doing it. These fears and worries will pop up so let’s begin to work in spite of them.

Do you know the funny side in all this – the only way out is through, and this further explains the irony. If you don’t decisively believe you get nothing, and when you doubt the possibility of whatever you desire you get yourself into a worse situation than the one you started with, making Faith the only option. “But life is just too hard and I really still want to get the best of it”, Notice the irony? It’s practically illogical to not believe, because believing is actually the only way out. Get the picture now?

With this God is propelling a tougher side of us; eliminating any form of desire to just surrender to the pressure to doubt. Every promise of God lies at the end of the tunnel and believing would take you through. You would probably begin to laugh at yourself when you desire something so badly and these doubts keep giving you reasons why you can’t possibly have it, and then you realize that the only logical thing to do is to get over yourself and just believe but you find yourself not doing that. To Doubt is a temptation, so you don’ actually have to.

Never underestimate the power of “Just Believing” because Jesus once said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God” (John 11:40). Like Abraham, look at the stars and just believe. I think we tackled the problem nicely. No more excuses for the doubts and worries or every other thing that dwells in our long list of the quite unfortunate.






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