Just like most believers, I was born into a Christian home so the ideology of God and His Son Jesus Christ was the foundation I grew up with, and for this I am thankful. I see it as the grace of GOD, to be born into Truth.

However, God and His ways were only just a figment of my upbringing; a part inscribed into my being and termed as a religious belief. I never really had to make any real conscious effort on believing, I just knew He was there.

I found a whole different perspective of God in the year 2013. Now I know we all have our unique salvation stories of how God revealed His true nature and love to us, but I didn’t just see a God who’s kind and mighty; full of grace and gifts, I saw the actuality of it all – To know that God truly existed was the sole information needed to be assured of a Life free from uncertainty and misconceptions. No ifs, No buts, no Maybes.

Who Told You So describes my journey in embracing God’s truth. I carried for so many years the burden of a broken soul, literally! These articles open up to you all actual phases of my life and a brings the definite understanding needed to embrace all Jesus died for us to have. 

God made me aware of the wrong perception I had of life and myself and the need to let that go. 

 I have met a lot of Christians, and not many of us have been awoken to the realities of our lives – the part of us that needs breaking, crucifying, molding and mending. Find out how I got through…


The Awakening