Just like most believers, I was born into a Christian home so the ideology of God and His Son Jesus Christ was the foundation I grew up with, and for this I am thankful. I see it as the grace of GOD, to be born into Truth.

However, God and His ways were only just a figment of my upbringing; a part inscribed into my being and termed as a religious belief. I never really had to make any real conscious effort on believing, I just knew He was there.

I found a whole different perspective of God in the year 2013. Now I know we all have our unique salvation stories of how God revealed His true nature and love to us, but I didn’t just see a God who’s kind and mighty; full of grace and gifts, I saw the actuality of it all – To know that God truly existed was the sole information needed to be assured of a Life free from uncertainty and misconceptions. No ifs, No buts, no Maybes.

These chapters describes my journey in embracing truth. For the truth is none other than Christ himself. All realities are in Christ, all facts are in Christ. These writings open up to you all actual phases of my life and brings the definite understanding needed to embrace all Jesus died for us to have. 

God made me aware of the wrong perception I had of life and myself and the need to let that go. 

 I have met a lot of Christians, and not many of us have been awoken to the realities of our lives – the part of us that needs breaking, crucifying, molding and mending. Find out how I got through…

The Awakening