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The Illogical act of doubt

As insane as it would be to doubt the scorching nature of the sun or the impeccable colours of the rainbow that’s how illogical it is to doubt God, especially when you know that He does exist (and He does). In one of my previous posts, No desire to worry I tried to establish within us…
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Understanding your default mode and Working against it

“You are just dumb!” Feel that? The supposedly misunderstood side of us that controls our very perspective of everything. One of the joys of our salvation is that you get to literally experience change in totality. What you used to be suddenly becomes what you despise the most. Your Fits, low self-esteem, bad attitudes; everything…
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How I feel has nothing to do with it

 (P A S S I V I T Y) Unknown to most of us we are people largely controlled by how we feel. A good number of us have come out of this bondage, with an understanding that “Feelings don’t really determine anything”. Of course these emotions were created for a definite purpose; a good…
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