The Conflict Within

Awakening CHAPTER The Conflict Within “The greatest BATTLE a Man will ever fight is the battle against HIMSELF”. My second year in College was the first time I really knew God. A walk into peace and certainty, finally felt part of something and this time I was totally sure it was going to last. I […]

Stepping into the reality of things

Awakening CHAPTER Stepping Into The Reality of Things   I often relate the life of a man to a piece of paper, floating around directed by nothing but the wind. Why? Very few of us are awoken to the realities of life and like this piece of paper, we let our lives float away just to […]

TRUTH vs man

Awakening CHAPTER TRUTH vs man It’s morning already; her tears are all dried up and so was her decision to leave. Of course, after counting the supposed many, many years she spent with him, Jess couldn’t just fathom how her world would look if she finally decided. She relentlessly got so used to Desolation. Oh […]