Embracing CHAPTER Opening the Doors “The secret in just having faith” What’s the greatest lie you’ve ever been told? Yes! I literally need you to give yourself an answer. Begin to recognize every negative, self-diminishing thought that has ever controlled or regulated your life, because you are soon going to learn how much of puppet […]

“Not Just words”

Embracing CHAPTER “Not Just words” Believing in strength or in weakness Supposing you were told that you had the ability to move mountains, how would you respond? Supposing you were told that power and greatness are all in you, how then would you respond? Our answers to these questions summarize the direct approach we have […]


Embracing CHAPTER Learning to be loved       If I was to write up a list of my most prominent personalities, I’ll probably come up with – I am a Perfectionist, can’t stand being unproductive and I can be a little too organized – just plain obsessed with doing something. These are positive ones you […]

The Courage to believe

Embracing CHAPTER The Courage to Believe “Embracing TRUTH”, as good as that sounds this whole process leaves me utterly overwhelmed every time I think about it. “The fear of the extraordinarily-amazing”. I’m not saying that we all have this fear, there’s a good number of people who found TRUTH and immediately built their lives upon […]