Articles H I D D E N “Negative Effects of bothering about what others think”   Finally, it’s open. Enthusiastic about the whole situation I rushed in, going from floor to floor, door to door searching for the one that had my name on it. Door 16 – Charity, Door 24 – Peter, Door 192 […]

Jesus, You are just the Best. (an Easter Reflection)

Articles Jesus, You are just the Best (an Easter Reflection) I thank God for a celebration like Easter, the season directly makes you “care” about what Jesus actually did for us especially to those who have either forgotten or those who just didn’t have a clue. Unlike in most celebrations, Easter brings a heartfelt reverence […]


Articles FAITH is our only option Do you know the irony in people and faith? We always have expectations but never want to believe in its possibility. I get that, so let’s solve the illogical problem of doubt and our inability to trust God when we are so certain He is our only way out. […]

On God’s Table

Articles On God’s Table I know the topic of God puts off some of us. When Papa name’s mentioned I see a lot of folks (even believers) act out with so much reluctance, not to talk of the rest who have not really been given a chance to experience such goodness and grace. So here’s […]

God is raising gods not Men

Articles God is raising gods not Men One of the toughest decisions I had to make was getting myself to love someone who drove me completely nuts. I just didn’t see the reason to, she made me so mad doing all the wrong things every time. I tried to do the less aggravating thing possible […]

Pits of Uncertainty

Articles Pits of Uncertainty Moving through the city of Lagos is surely not the best way I’d like to spend my day, however one could learn a thing or two. Now, Lagos falls under one of the top largest capital city in Africa (by area and population) right beside the city of Cairo (Egypt) and […]

dirty, mean, rude Jesus?

Articles dirty, mean, rude Jesus? I find it challenging enough to know that there’s a whole lot of people who do not know the Truth, but worse off when I hear the degrading stories that portray God and his children as debauched.  “At the end of the day, we are all hypocrites”. Is that what […]

No Desire to worry (Our approach this new year)

Articles No Desire to worry (Our approach this new year) Welcome to the New year. Ignore the crisis for now; Breathe – In with the good and out with the bad. Good. With all the negativity running all over the place, it’s rather too difficult to hold on to any form of confidence this year. […]

Loving the Unseen

Articles Loving the Unseen “My Jesus, My Saviour, Lord there is none like You”. I shiver at the mention of these words. It would probably take days to comprehend what Darlene Zschech understood so much to have to go as far as calling this Unseen One “My” that inspired her song Shout to the Lord. […]