No Desire to worry (Our approach this new year)

Welcome to the New year. Ignore the crisis for now; Breathe – In with the good and out with the bad. Good. With all the negativity running all over the place, it’s rather too difficult to hold on to any form of confidence this year. […]


Negative Effects of bothering about what others think Finally, it’s open. Enthusiastic about the whole situation I rushed in, going from floor to floor, door to door searching for the one that had my name on it. Door 16 – Charity, Door 24 – Peter, […]


“The secret in just having faith” What’s the greatest lie you’ve ever been told? Yes! I literally need you to give yourself an answer. Begin to recognize every negative, self-diminishing thought that has ever controlled or regulated your life, because you are soon going to […]

“Not Just words”

Believing in strength or in weakness Supposing you were told that you had the ability to move mountains, how would you respond? Supposing you were told that power and greatness are all in you, how then would you respond? Our answers to these questions summarize […]


       If I was to write up a list of my most prominent personalities, I’ll probably come up with – I am a Perfectionist, can’t stand being unproductive and I can be a little too organized – just plain obsessed with doing something. […]

The Illogical act of doubt

As insane as it would be to doubt the scorching nature of the sun or the impeccable colours of the rainbow that’s how illogical it is to doubt God, especially when you know that He does exist (and He does). In one of my previous […]

Understanding your default mode and Working against it

  “You are just the ugliest, Gosh!” Feel that? The supposedly misunderstood side of us that controls our very perspective of everything. One of the joys of our salvation is that you get to literally experience change in totality. What you used to be suddenly […]

How I feel has nothing to do with it

 (P A S S I V I T Y) Unknown to most of us we are people largely controlled by how we feel. A good number of us have come out of this bondage, with an understanding that “Feelings don’t really determine anything”. Of course […]