Believers or not? A Christian Problem


It’s the first post on the Dethroned Chapter, and I’ll like to start with this. For a while now I’ve felt so moved to say this. As we all know the Gospel of Christ has touched the lives of many and reached a good number of areas around the world, so it is only with good intention that I make this known as well. I’d like to note – this problem has ensnared us and would continue to until proper action is taken.

Question – Why do some believers act the way they do?

We are the ones that carry the TRUTH, so much is expected right?

In my attempt to understand the situation, I can recognize one important aspect, which is – Unconscious Believing. This term explains the huge amount of people who do not see the need or have the willingness to act differently.

Judging from personal encounters, I now know that some have assumed their status with Christ; they have what I like to call “passed down from generation to generation”. This inherited perception takes away the innermost desire to want to trust, love, serve God or just basically have a change of heart.

“Are you a believer?”

“Yes, I go to church. My Mother’s a believer, her own mother’s a believer and her mother’s mother was also a believer so that makes me a believer as well”. Preposterous!! It is that conviction; that “wanting to please God desire” within us that really makes the difference and the absence of this reality is clearly seen in the lives of these individuals.

I for one can tell, and a true believer would be able to do so as well. Christianity births within us new desires, new ideas, new habits; everything is new. The presence of that conviction singles us out; placing us on the path of God’s restoration to Truth.

placing us on the path of God’s restoration to Truth

This Unconscious believing could also serve as the root cause of mediocrity in the body of Christ. When we have not concluded within ourselves that “something really happened”, how then would we be able to release all the realities of having Christ in our lives. Recognizing this hitch allows us to step back, think and do the necessary.

let us address this issue


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