The Story


Welcome to Who Told You So, a platform created to reveal the Gospel from a totally different light – TRUTH.

Who Told You So originally started as a book; one that focused on personal lessons and experiences regarding this perspective. However, it is now what it is – “a more diverse platform able to reach out to more people; helping lives and changing stories with the Gospel of TRUTH.

We envision a world free from every ounce of uncertainty – No if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s, just a definite perspective. A world with people who walk with the knowledge of what is and what isn’t; and not slaves in darkness blinded by what they see.

TRUTH stands regardless of who accepts it, and the basis of lives can either be built by truth or an alteration. We are so accustomed to some way of living that it totally clouds our judgement making no room for a desire for Truth. 

WHO TOLD YOU SO helps to literally ask the question WHO TOLD YOU SO, bringing to our consciousness what is, what isn’t and what shouldn’t be.

In the midst of every good and perfect gift God has given, His Truth stands out; the greatest feature of our unseen Creator. There’s nothing worse than believing in a Lie, so from whose perspective have we built our lives upon? Being able to attain this vital understanding leads Man to a world of absolute certainty, originality and TRUTH.

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