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Who Told You So

I’ll share the dream with you

“To Know, and know that you know, and know that what you know annuls every other form of knowledge”.


These chapters describes the journey in embracing truth. For the truth is none other than Christ himself. All realities are in Christ, all facts are in Christ. These writings open up to you all actual phases of my life and brings the definite understanding needed to embrace all Jesus died for us to have. 

What everyone is saying

You are indeed a blessing. I agree with your statement that “conscious faith building is required”, if we are to see the a change in our spiritual life. Like you said, “ordinary steps for an extraordinary God, not a good combination”, God is too big to be boxed in by doubt. I really love your post, keep up the good work.
Thank you and god bless you
Soul Ja
Wow, this is filled with so much Truth. The essence of our Christian walk and fellowship with the Father is to consciously and actively live out the Faith we proclaim. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the read. Success to You!!
Jonas Gerber

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